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Sandwiches –
. Caterpillars
. Spirals
. Open Boats
. Mini Triangles
Our most popular fillings are: Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Tuna Mayo and
Good old Jam ( please feel free to request your child's favourite filling.)
Goodies –
. Mini home-made pizza
. Chicken Dippers
. A mixture of children’s favourite crisps and snacks
. Cheese Chunks with cherry tomatoes and/or cucumber
. Sausage Rolls
. Cheese Savouries
Added Extras priced at 80p each –
. Seasonal Fruit Kebabs, plain or drizzled in chocolate & sprinkles
. Vegetable Kebabs
. Marsh mallow sticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkles
. Multi-coloured Jelly Pots
Party Bags –
Let us take the hassle out of your party. We can create individually tailored party bags to suit your budget and requirements.
Don’t Forget the Cake –
We can create your personalised Birthday Cake. Just tell us the theme or favourite character.
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